Backflow is the reverse flow of water from a property back into the drinking water supply.

Backflow prevention devices (BPD) protect water quality from contamination. Contaminated water incidents may have serious or even fatal consequences for water consumers. By using BPD the unwanted water flow does not enter the drinking water supply, protecting water consumers from drinking or using contaminated water.

There may be any number of contamination sources within a property. Backflow prevention provides a barrier, keeping contaminated water separate from the drinking water supply.

Examples of potential sources of contamination include:

  • fire hose reels (FHR).
  • irrigation systems.
  • swimming pools.
  • vehicle maintenance pits.
  • ornamental ponds.
  • air conditioning towers.
  • vehicle/bin washing bays.
  • chemical injection areas.
  • commercial and manufacturing processes.

If your property has a backflow prevention, you must help protect the drinking water supply by ensuring all devices are adequately maintained.

Property owner’s responsibilities

The owner of a testable backflow prevention device must:

  • reduced pressure zone.
  • double check, and
  • some single check valves.

Non-testable devices; including dual check valves, do not need to be registered or tested annually.

Council may issue a reminder notice to prompt owners, where testable devices have been installed and testing is overdue.

Our licensed and endorsed plumbers can carry out testing on your Backflow Prevention Device/s. To book this, please call or message us now.