Plumber Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for the most reliable plumber Sunshine Coast and nearby locations have come to trust, McArthur Plumbing are the ones to call! We offer services for taps, toilets, stormwater valve and drainage, roof and gutters, sinks and basins, and many more. Our team of expert plumbers also offer plumbing inspections, backflow prevention, leak detection as well as servicing hot water systems and blocked drains.



Whether you have individual hot and cold taps or single lever mixers taps, whether they are dripping slowly or leaking a steady stream of precious water, McArthur Plumbing can help! Depending on the problem and your budget, we can repair and service existing taps or replace them with fresh brand new taps.



We know that a leaking toilet cistern will not only keep you awake at night, it wastes our precious water, and your precious money. The team at McArthur Plumbing can help with any toilet related issue – whether it’s repairing or replacing a faulty toilet, or just replacing an old toilet with a lovely new toilet suite. Call us, your trusted blocked toilet plumber in Sunshine Coast!


The McArthur Plumbing team have the experience, knowledge, tools and equipment to solve any stormwater drainage issue. From clearing blocked stormwater drains and pits to the installation of stormwater drainage, we can help.


McArthur Plumbing have a team of skilled plumbers with significant experience in all aspects of roofing. From roof leak repair, gutter and downpipe repairs to full replacement of gutters and downpipes, we will be able to help.



Whether you have a blocked or slow draining kitchen, laundry or basin sink, a “pop up” plug and waste that is no longer “popping up” or a cracked basin we can help. The experienced team at McArthur Plumbing can quickly resolve any sink or basin issue.



If you are buying a property, a standard building and pest inspection is necessary however these inspections don’t always check for plumbing problems, especially those underground.

The excitement of buying a new property can wear off very quickly if you find that there is a broken drain or tree roots in the pipework. These issues can be expensive to fix.

To avoid this, we strongly recommend engaging McArthur Plumbing to carry out a pre-purchase plumbing inspection.  We won’t just check for leaking taps and toilets, we’ll also use our drain cameras to check the sewer and stormwater drains. We’ll provide you with a report outlining any issues that we have found, along with video footage of the drain inspection.



A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water (stored at temperatures high enough to kill bacteria) with cold water to ensure constant, safe outlet temperatures to prevent scalding.

These valves are commonly found in childcare centres, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, shopping center’s and other facilities for people who are sick, vulnerable or living with a disability.

Each valve must be tested and maintained annually by a qualified TMV licence holder like McArthur Plumbing.

If your Thermostatic Mixing Valves needs testing, give us a call or request a booking online now.


Backflow is the reverse flow of water from a property back into the drinking water supply.
Backflow prevention devices (BPD) protect water quality from contamination. Contaminated water incidents may have serious or even fatal consequences for water consumers. By using BPD the unwanted water flow does not enter the drinking water supply, protecting water
consumers from drinking or using contaminated water. There may be any number of contamination sources within a property. Backflow prevention
provides a barrier, keeping contaminated water separate from the drinking water supply.


Examples of potential sources of contamination include:

  • fire hose reels (FHR)

  • irrigation systems

  • swimming pools

  • vehicle maintenance pits

  • ornamental ponds

  • air conditioning towers

  • vehicle/bin washing bays

  • chemical injection areas

  • commercial and manufacturing processes.


If your property has a backflow prevention, you must help protect the drinking water supply by ensuring all devices are adequately maintained.


Property Owner’s Responsibilities

The owner of a testable backflow prevention device must:

  • have all devices installed by a licensed plumber

  • register the device with council by providing a copy of the initial test report

  • have it inspected and tested by an endorsed licensed plumber annually

  • ensure that there is adequate access to devices for testing and maintenance

  • Types of testable devices include:

  • reduced pressure zone

  • double check, and

  • some single check valves.


Non-testable devices; including dual check valves, do not need to be registered or tested
annually. Council may issue a reminder notice to prompt owners, where testable devices have been installed and testing is overdue.

Our licensed and endorsed plumbers can carry out testing on your Backflow Prevention Device/s. To book this, please call or request a booking online now.