Water Leak Detection Sunshine Coast

Our highly trained and skilled plumbers are masters when it comes water leak detection in Sunshine Coast! Regardless of whether the water leak is in a wall, under turf, concrete, tiles or bricks, our plumbers will be able to find it. We can help with underfloor leak detection and other house leak detection.

Water isn’t cheap these days and water leaks can cause extensive damage. These are just two reasons why you need to find and repair water leaks as soon as possible.


Plumbing Leak Detection Sunshine Coast

Ours is a reliable team when it comes to plumbing leak detection in Sunshine Coast. We use high quality water leak detector that can help quickly find water leaks in your properties.

Due to the sandy soil on the Sunshine Coast, it’s easy for property owners and tenants to be completely unaware that an underground water leak even exists. It’s common for people to not even realise that they have a leak – until they receive a huge water bill!

We used the very latest and best technologies to locate leaks. Our plumbers can repair the leak and reinstate the area quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking to minimise costs, we are always happy to work with property owners to achieve win/win outcomes when it comes to sorting water leaks. Whether it’s underfloor leak detection or pool leak detection, we’ll have you covered!

Best Way to Find Water a Leak

Step 1. Turn off all taps including the washing machine and dishwasher taps & irrigation system (if you have one)

Step 2. Read your water meter and either photograph the reading or write it down

Step 3. After at least one hour, check your water meter again. If the reading has changed, you may have a water leak.

If you have had a concealed water leak on your property that has caused a sudden increase in your bill, you may be eligible for a Concealed Leak Allowance from Unitywater. Once we’ve repaired the leak, we will provide you with the form to apply for a reduction to your increased water bill. For more information on Unitywater’s Concealed Leak Allowance, please visit their website.

Here are some concealed water leaks that we have recently detected, repaired and completed reinstatement works for:

The owner of this home in Little Mountain could hear a “hissing” sound coming from behind the bricks. Our plumber used leak detection to locate the leak then re-routed the hose tap. The concrete and tiles were then reinstated.

The owner of this block of units in Mooloolaba contacted us after receiving a call from the neighbouring property owner. Water was inundating the neighbour’s property, but they couldn’t work out where it was coming from. Using leak detection technology, our plumber pin pointed the exact location of the leak before using a concrete saw to cut out a small section of concrete. The leak was repaired and the concrete was reinstated with minimal disruption to residents of the unit complex.

The owner of this property in Moffat Beach contacted us to request stormwater drainage works on her property. She reported that the backyard was constantly soggy due to the rain. Within minutes of arriving at the client’s home, our plumber can identify a concealed water leak. Our team detected the leak with precision even before we removed a small section of turf. The leak was repaired and the grass was reinstated – the bottom right photo of how our plumber left the area.

After spending her weekend sweeping water off the patio tiles with a broom, the owner of this home in Little Mountain was puzzled about where the water was coming from. Our plumber attended early on the Monday morning and located the issue using leak detection technology. We removed two tiles, cut the concrete and repair the leak. After replacement of the concrete and tiles, the property was left immaculate.

The owner of this property contacted us after another plumbing company had attended her home and advised he couldn’t fix the leak due to the difficult location. Understandably, the client was stressing and thinking that she’d have to pay large water bills forever!

Our plumber visited the Little Mountain home the following day. He located the water leak, cut out a small patch of concrete. He then removed some bricks from the corner of the house. We were able to repair the water leak and reinstate the bricks.

Our plumber had some touch-up paint in his van, so he even refreshed up the faded downpipe vent. It’s this attention to detail that sets the McArthur Plumbing team apart from the rest!